(OC) A Hippie walks by a businessman…

A Hippie is walking by and sees a businessman looking over some construction that had been started on a plot of land. The Hippie is alarmed and exclaims “What are you doing?!”

The businessman responds by saying that this piece of land was bought by his company. The land was good and the foundation was perfect for a storefront, and his crew would be here shortly. The Hippie tells him that he can’t build on this plot of land because it’s magical! The businessman is skeptical so the Hippie points at the rock on the far side of the land, where the businessman has yet to build anything.

“You see that rock?”

“Yeah, so what?” says the businessman.

“That rock used to be on the left side of the land. Now it’s in the back”

The businessman doesn’t get the big deal.

The hippie goes, “Well, how do you think that happened?”

The Businessman says “Well, obviously someone moved the rock”

The hippie laughs and challenges the businessman to move it. So they go over to the rock and the businessman gets ready to pick it up. He can’t. He tries rolling it, he can’t. As the businessman fails to move this rock, the Hippie tells him “I told you, this plot of land is magical. Only I can move this rock.”

The businessman is in disbelief. “How the hell can you move this rock? It’s impossible to budge!”

The Hippie says “The only way to move the rock is with my orgasm”

The businessman is disgusted. “I don’t believe you. This is my land, I don’t care about a stupid rock! I’ll get someone from my construction crew to move it for me!”

The Hippie just laughs and says “Let me show you”

The Hippie whips his dick out and starts stroking it. The businessman can’t believe the Hippie is doing this, but he can’t look away. Soon the Hippie gets ready to orgasm and the businessman is completely mesmerized now. As the Hippie cums, the whole ground shakes, it becomes too blurry for the businessman to even see what’s happening! But he feels the piece of land rotate 90 degrees. By the time the Hippie finishes cumming, the plot of land has stopped moving and both the Hippie and businessman are on the right side of the land, along with the rock. The businessman is amazed, almost speechless.

The Hippie zips up and says “Do you believe me now?”

The businessman regains his composure and finally says “The foundation was good and the climax had me hooked… but I did not see that plot-twist cumming!”

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