[NSFW][long] A woman pregnant with triplets is shot in a bank robbery…

She goes to the doctor.

The woman is in a stable condition, but the doctor says that her children will simply urinate out the bullets in their teenage.

17 years later, the mother’s first daughter comes and tells the mother

“Mom… I was in the bathroom and a bullet came out of me…”

Mother is confused for a second, but then remembers the incident. She tells her that it’s fine, explaining the incident.

A few days later, her second daughter comes to the mother with a huge panic.

“Mom, I was in the bathroom and then I felt this weird piece of metal come out of me and I don’t know how it got in there and…”

Mother stops her and tells her the story, calming her down.

A little bit later, the mother’s son comes downstairs sweating with anxiety.

“Mom? I Think we should go to the doctor…”

Mother laughs and says “let me guess, you peed and a bullet came out? It’s all fine, don’t worry!”

The son replies:

“I masturbated and shot the dog”



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