My wife scolded me about how much I drink..

She says… For God sakes! You ever imagine the damage you’re doing to your health? Not to mention all the money you’ve spent? How much money do you think you’ve spent so far?

I say… Idk.. hic..

She says: how much is a bottle of Jack Honey?

I reply: idk… like $24.99?

She says… You drink a bottle a day! That’s $8900 a year! Jesus christ.. You’ve been drinking everyday since I met you! that’s 10 years! That’s $88900!! You know how much you could have done with that money? A down payment on a house… investments… a nice new car like the corvette you’ve always dreamed of?

Ashamed I sit there and ponder. My wife looks disgusted. I ask her… you don’t drink?

NO! she replies quickly…

Not even a little bit?

Not a single drop!! she says…

So I say…. Look I’m not happy with myself… but…. where the hell is your Corvette?

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