My wife has a peculiar cooking habit

So, my wife and I are newly weds, and she’s a great cook, but I noticed she did something strange when preparing sausages. Just before she puts them in the skillet, she cuts off about an inch on both sides of the sausages. After having witnessed this a couple of times, I asked her why she did this. “Oh, that’s the way my mom teached me how to prepare sausages, she always made them like this for my father and myself” Shortly after this we went over to her parents for a visit, and she brought up the question :” Mom, why do you cut off an inch on both sides of the sausages before baking them” “That’s the way my mother, your grandmother, thaught me how to prepare them, I’ve never know otherwise” As end of the year approached we had a big family gathering and also my wife’s grandmother attended, and towards the end of the evening my wife and I sat down next to her “granny, we were wondering, I’ve been cutting of an inch of both end of sausages, because that’s how mom thaught me, and she said she learned it from you, why is that?” “Oh dear, it’s indeed a bit weird, but it’s my mother, your great grand mother, that came up with that, she surely can give you an answer” My wife’s family is blessed with good genes, and they grow quite old, so her great grand mother is still alive, and living in a nursery home. Because of the years end we decided to visit her and pay our respect, and with me driving, my wife, her mother and her grand mother came along, as they were a bit curious now to. We arrived in her room, and after paying our respects and wishes for the new year, my wife’s grandmother sat down next to the bed and asked ” mother, we have a question, we were wondering, we’ve been thaught to cut of an inch of both sides of sausages before baking them, and so are my daughter and grand daughter perparing them, it’s you who told me to do it, but why is that?” The 98 year old woman stared to the ceiling for a bit and then said agitated ” don’t tell me you’re still using that undersized skillet??”

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