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A 34 year-old man had undergone plastic sugery to make himself look like a 20 year old. He wanted to test and see if other people could guess his correct age. He went to a nearby shop and asked the shop keeper to guess what age he was.

The shop keeper replied, “About 20 years old”.

The man was overjoyed that the surgery had made him look young and walked off happily.

He went to McDonald’s to get lunch afterwards and feeling confident, he asked the worker at the counter to guess what age he was.

The worker replied, “About 20 years old”.

The man smiled happily. The worker asked if the answer was correct.

The man replied, “I’m actually 34 years-old”.

The worker was amazed as he did not look a day over 21. The man went to a bus stop afterwards to board the bus and go home. He saw an old lady waiting for the bus. He decided to test it out on her. He asked her to guess what age he was.

The old lady said, “I know an old technique to guess people’s age. If you let me caresse your balls for 5 minutes I will be able to guess your age”.

The man was confused but seeing as there was no one else at the bus stop he let her do it.

After 5 minutes the old lady pulls her hand out of the man’s trousers and says, “You are 34 years-old”.

Amazed the man asked how did she know.

The old lady replied, “I was behind you at McDonalds.”

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