My first managers name was Lorraine.

My first managers name was Lorraine and she was really cool. Her husband, alfonso, was an assistant manager at the same store, and he was a dick. He had been having an affair for quite some time with a woman named Claire Lee . Everyone except his wife knew, but we didn’t have the heart to tell her. On her way to work one day Lorraine was unfortunately killed in an accident.
Alonsfo said he was heart broken and he would give all of us a paid day off if we attended her memorial service. Whatever, who doesn’t like a paid day off?
So we all went to the memorial service and it was beautiful. It came time for the eulogy and alfonso approached to say a few things. That’s when Claire Lee walked up to him.
The room fell silent as all of us worried what she would say. Alfonso then grabbed her hand and said “I’m going to miss her, but… I CAN SEE CLAIRE LEE NOW LORRAINE IS GONE”

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