My favourite joke, Girls night out

2 girls go out on a girls night out. They do everything as normal party, drink ect… After lots of heavy drinking the girls head on home in the early hours of the morning. Almost home both of the girls need to pee. Not wanting to go in the street the girl go into the grave yard that’s near by.

The 1st girl goes, after realising she has nothing to wipe with she takes off her panties and wipes herself. The 2nd girl goes but because she’s not wearing an panties she grabs a wreath off of a near by grave and wipes herself with it and both head home.

The next morning 1 husband calls the other and say “Thats it! No more girls nights out! My wife came home without any panties on!”

The other husband says “you think that’s bad! My wife came home with a card in her skirt that said; from all of us at the fire station- we’ll never forget you”

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