My dog disgraced himself by escaping and bringing home next doors rabbit.

It was very dead and covered in dirt but I couldn’t see any wound so I thought I might just be able to get away without confessing. So I quickly washed and blow dried the deceased bunny, snuck round the fence and popped bun back in its hutch, all snuggled up looking in its straw so it looked just like it had passed away naturally in its sleep. So then I snuck home and tried to put the whole nasty thing out my mind. Later that day however, I heard shouting from next doors garden..he sounded angry as hell. Nervously I looked out and casually asked him what was wrong. Purple and astonished he shouted back to me… “You never guess what??? The kid’s rabbit died yesterday and today some sick fucker has dug it up and put it back in the hutch!!!”

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