My Brother The Cripple.

My oldest brother was born with little use of his legs resulting in him using crutches. For his whole life we went through vigorous treatments and therapy. When he was about 14 we moved to a new town. The local kids made fun him daily calling him names and just being overall assholes. He was so fed up he was willing to try anything. There was a church down the road with a beautiful sculpture of Jesus inside. One Sunday morning we went to the church in hopes of a miracle. The pastor called up anyone who was looking to be healed. My brother walked down the isle. The pastor laid his hand on him and began to pray. My brother, overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit, looked at the statue and began to cry. He begged Jesus for the use of his legs. In the moment the congregation fell silent as my brother dropped one crutch. Everyone started applauding and screaming, “Hallelujah!” The next moment my brother dropped his other crutch. Then he fell down because he’s crippled.

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