My autistic cousin came to visit

When I was young, my autistic 10 year old cousin would constatly visit us, and I hated him because he was a brat. However, since his parents were extremely protective and thought of him as a little prince, they wanted to make me give him my “Up” DVD, because he really likes it.

When they left, I immediately told him I was not going to give him the DVD, but him being the autist he is, he starts bothering me about it every couple of seconds, but luckily, quiets down before dinner.

He asked for it once more while we were having lunch, and when I responded negatively again, he took his plate and ran into my treehouse. His parents make me go check on him.

Little did he know, you were able to remove the treehouse ladder, and since I was 12 at the time, I removed them and went to go get icecream in the house. I’m forced to ask him if he wants some, but when I leave the house, he’s there and he thinks he’s controlling me because I came to see him twice already, so he tells me to run around like a chicken. I tell him about the ice cream and how he isn’t getting any, and he starts crying and screaming at me to let him get back down. I tell him: “Never gonna give you “Up”, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and dessert you.”

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