Mouse and a bear find a genie lamp

A mouse and a bear find a genie lamp in the woods. The bear rubs it and a genie pops out and says, “Thank you for freeing me, for doing so I grant you both three wishes each.”

The bear went first and said, “I wish the entire earth was covered in forests,” and the genie makes the whole earth covered in forests.

The mouse went next and said, “I wish I had a mouse sized motorcycle,” and the genie spawned him one.

The bear then wished a second time and exclaimed, “I wish the forest was filled with bears,” and the genie did just that.

The mouse then told the genie, “I wish for a mouse sized motorcycle helmet,” and the genie put one on his head.

For the bears final wish, he said, “I wish all the bears in the forest, except me, were female,” and the genie turned all the bears in the forest except for the one who wished it female.

The mouse then got on his motorcycle, started it, and before he sped off yelled at the genie, “I WISH THE BEAR WAS GAY!”

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