Moses, Jesus, and an old man go golfing…

They’ve been going for a bit now and they’re at the final hole. It’s a large course with a big lake right in the middle of the fair lane, with the hole on the other side.

Jesus goes first. He hits the ball and it lands on the shallows of the lake. Jesus walks across the water and hits it and it lands on the green

Moses goes next. He hits the ball and it lands dead center of the pond, he parts the lake and hits it again getting it even closer to the hole

The old man is last. He hits the ball and it’s going straight to the lake. Before it hits the water a fish jumps out and eats the ball. Before the fish can make it in the water an eagle swoops down and snatches the fish and flies off. As the eagle flies away it gets struck by lightning, releasing the fish. The fish lands on the green and spits the ball out, nailing a hole in one.

Jesus looks at the old man and says “stop showing off dad or I won’t take you out anymore!”

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