Mick buys himself a Harley Davidson…

Before he rides off on it, the dealer tells him that if it rains he should put vaseline on all of the chrome parts to preserve the look.

Mick takes his girlfriend to her parents’ house for dinner on the Harley. When they arrive, his girlfriend says that they do not speak at the dinner table during dinner, in fact the first person to say anything has to do the dishes.

At dinner, Mick decides to test this and grabs his girlfriend’s boob – silence. He then stands up, bends her over the table and starts shagging her in front of her parents. Still nothing. He then does the same to her mum, drilling her like his life depends on it it in front of them, still met with complete silence.

After he was done, he heard thunder and a storm brewing, so he remembers what the dealer told him to do and he pulls out his tub of vaseline, her dad stands up immediately and says: “Fuck it, I’ll just do the dishes myself.”

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