Meeting the family…and the dog

A sincere but nervous young man was meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time.

Everything started smoothly; the parents considered that he was a polite fellow and seemed happy enough that their daughter was dating him.

At dinner time, everyone is at the table. The parents are on one side, the guy and his girlfriend are on the other. The family’s dog, curious about this new person, comes and sits at the side of the guy.

A few minutes later, the guy’s nerves get the better of him and he farts. Not loudly, but audibly.

“Rover!” the father shouts at the dog, who whines.

“Phew”, thinks the guy, “he thought it was the dog”.

Bit later, the guy farts again, somewhat louder this time.

“Rover!” yells the father. The dog whines again.

The guy can’t believe his luck.

Just before dessert, the guy lets rip once more, with a fart which invokes the Richter scale.

“Rover!” exclaims the father. “Get away from that guy before he actually shits on you!”

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