Maraijuana Inspector

A DEA inspector is visiting a farm in Colorado. He introduces himself to the farmer and says “I am here to inspect your farm for maraijuana cultivation”. The farmer say “sure you can look around, just DON’T GO to the farm behind the BARN.”

The inspector is FURIOUS, whips out his badge and shoves it in the farmers face, ” YOU SEE THIS? THIS is the seal of the US GOVERNMENT, I can DO whatever I want, INSPECT whichever farm I want.”

The farmer is “OK, sorry to bother you sir, please go ahead.”

After some time the farmer hears a cry from behind the barn, “HELP, HELP, HELP!!!” the farmer rushes towards the barn and sees the inspector running full tilt thru the farm behind the barn.

He is crying out ” HELP SOMEONE PLEASE HELP MEEEE !!!” Behind him is a HUGE BULL chasing down on him furiously.

The farmer climbs on to the fence.

Cups his hands around his mouth.

And yells back, “SHOW HIM YOUR BADGE!!!”

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