Man with a 25 inch penis

Bobby has always dreaded having such a long penis and has been looking for ways to make it smaller. One day, after eavesdropping on some co-workers, Bobby discovered about a witch in the woods who can solve any problem.

Bobby goes to the witch and tells her everything. The witch told him to look for a frog by the lake and ask the frog to marry him. The frog will say no and his penis will shrink 5 inches.

He approaches the frog and goes down on one knee asking the frog “Will you marry me? ” The frog responded in disgust saying “NO!” The man checked down and it shrunk by 5 inches. In amazement, he asked the frog the same question “Will you marry me?”. The frog rolled his eyes and responded “NO!” The man checked down at his, now, 15 incher, but realized it was still a monster.

He asked the frog one last time “Will you marry me?” The frog sighed and said “How many times do I have to tell you? NO! NO! NO!”

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