Man has plans to kill his wife

This guy is talking to a group of friends,

“I want my wife dead, but I don’t want to do it myself, I’ll pay anyone $1000 to kill her for me”.

One of his friends Arty speaks up and says,

“I don’t like you wife either, I’ll do it for a dollar”.

“Great”! He responds, “you can find her at Coles Monday morning, good luck”.

Monday morning

Arty approaches his friend’s wife from behind, wraps his hands round her neck, and chokes her to death. Pleased with himself, Arty turns around to find that one of the customers has seen the whole thing, so he does what is necessary and strangles her to death too. Accomplished, Arty walks round the corner to find the manager, peering through some shelfs, he had witnessed the entire incident. Once again, Arty must take matters into account, and suffocates a second innocent bystander.

Arty leaves

Over the next few weeks, police find out about the entire thing.

Do you know what the headline in the paper was the following day?

Arty chokes three for a dollar at Coles

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