Luigi and his wife

So at his wife’s insistence, she and Luigi go to marriage counseling. The wife goes in first.

“And what seems to be the issue?” asks the counselor.

“Luigi is a good man; a fine man,” says the wife. However, there are three things I wish he would change.

“First, he is a workaholic. Work, work, work. He works too much; it’s affecting us at home.

“Second… and this is a little disgusting … he’s always picking his nose. It’s embarrassing.

“Third… and this very personal … when we have sex, he never lets me be on top.”

“Okay,” says the counselor. He sends the wife out, and calls Luigi in.

“How is your marriage?” asks the counselor.

“It’sa good.” says Luigi.

“No complaints?” asks the counselor.

“No complaints.” says Luigi.

“Your wife had a few things she would like me to talk about,” says the counselor. “Okay?”

“Sure.” says Luigi.

“First, she says you are a workaholic. You are working all the time, and it affects the relationship.

“Second she says you pick your nose in public, and this is embarrassing for her.

“Third… how shall I say this … you don’t let her on top when you have sex.”

“Lemme tella you something,” says Luigi. “When I come to this country, my father tells me three things. Three things, he tells me, if I want to make it in America.

“First, he says to worka hard. So I worka hard.

“Second, he tells me to keepa my nose clean. So I keepa my nose clean.

“And the third thing he tells me is… don’t fuck up.”

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