Lost in Translation

An Italian guy, a Mexican guy and a Chinese guy are hired to do some construction labor. The Foreman pulls them together and says, “I need you three to move this big pile of sand to the other side of the jobsite.”

He tells the Italian,”You’re in charge of shoveling the sand into the wheelbarrow.” He points at the Mexican. “You’re in charge of taking the sand to the other side and dumping it.” And he tells the Chinese guy, “The equipment is over there. You’re in charge of the supplies.”

“Now, I’ll be back in an hour. Get to work!”

When he returns, the Italian and the Mexican are still standing there and the Chinese guy is missing. “What the hell?”, says the Foreman. “Why haven’t you gotten started?”

The Italian says, “Wella, itsa like dis, boss”…”I donta hava no shovel!”

The Mexican says, “Senor! I no have el wheelbarrow!”

The Foreman says, “Ok but where’s the Chinese guy?”

At that moment, the Chinese guy jumps out from behind the pile of sand and yells, “Supplies!”

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