[Long] Two men are walking across a field, when they come across a very large hole in the ground. So large that they can’t see the bottom of this hole. “I wonder how deep it is.”, the first man says. The second man pulls out a coin, and flips it into hole. They wait and listen….

….nothing. “Wow!”, they both exclaim. “Let’s try something else.”, says one man to the other. They spot a large rock nearby, and with a struggle, they get the rock to the hole. They roll it in, wait and listen….still nothing. ” My goodness! How deep this hole must be!”, says one man. ” Let’s try that huge log over there.”, says the other. Again, with a struggle, they haul this huge log to the hole, and roll it in. As they wait and listen, and seemingly out of nowhere, a goat runs up and jumps in the hole. As they both look at each other in shock, they hear a tractor coming across the field. Shortly, a farmer arrives, and asks, ” Either of you boys seen my goat?”. “Yeah!”, they both exclaim. “One just came by and jumped in this hole!” The farmer sits back and tells them,” No, no. Couldn’t have been my goat. My goat was chained to a huge log.”

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