LONG Priest is out fishing with a guide…

Priest is out fishing with a guide when the priest pulls in a huge fish. The guide lets out a loud “Sonnabitch!”. The priest looks at the guide and says he appreciates the guide’s excitement, if not his language.

The guide recovers quickly, and replies, “Oh no Father. That is the name of that species of fish. It is a sonnabitch fish.” The priest nods his head and thanks the guide for the information.

The priest gets back to the church and sees the nun. He holds up the fish and says, “Look at this sonnabitch I caught!” The nun is embarrassed at such language so the priest quickly explains that it is the name of the fish. The Nun replies, “Well the new Bishop is coming for dinner this evening. You better get cleaned up and I will clean the fish for you.”

As the nun is cleaning the fish Mother Superior walks up and comments on the size of the fish. The nun agrees saying, “Yes it is a huge sonnabitch”. Mother Superior is shocked until the nun explains to her that it is the name of the fish. So Mother Superior decides to cook it for dinner and serve it to the new Bishop.

That evening they were all sitting at the table after dinner when the new Bishop comments about how delicious the fish was. The priest speaks up and says, “I caught the sonnabitch.”. “Well I cleaned the sonnabitch”, replies the nun. Mother Superior says, “And I cooked the sonnabitch.”

The Bishop stares at them for a bit, puts his feet up on the table, lights a cigar an grins, “You motherfuckers are alright..”

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