(Long) An elderly man was sitting on his porch one day..

..when Tommy, the 9 year old neighborhood troublemaker, came walking up the street dragging some metal fencing behind him.

The man yelled “Tommy, what are you doing this time? Tommy: This is chicken wire, I’m gonna catch me some chickens. Man: “Tommy you fool, you can’t catch chickens with that”

At the end of the day, here came Tommy walking the other way with the chicken wire dragging behind him and there were about a dozen chickens caught up in it. The man just shook his head.

The next day the man was back out on the porch and here came Tommy again, carrying some rolls of tape.

Man: “Tommy, what the heck are you up to this time?” Tommy: “This is duck tape, gonna go catch me some ducks” Man: “Tommy, you fool, you may have caught chickens yesterday but you can’t catch ducks with duct tape!”

Once again at the end of the day, here came Tommy back down the street dragging a long strip of tape behind him with a bunch of ducks all caught up in it. The man just shook his head again.

The next day came and the man was out on the porch early to see what Tommy would do this time. Pretty soon he saw Tommy coming up the street carrying a bunch of branches.

Man: “Tommy, what fool thing are you up to today??” Tommy: “These are pussy willow branches….” Man: “Hold up for a second Tommy, let me go get my hat”

Probably a repost (what isn’t), but always a favorite joke of mine. My first post on here so don’t be too cruel lol.

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