Long ago, a king issued a challenge to see who can first cross a crocodile-infested river.

On the day of the challenge, the participants were shocked to see how dangerous the river actually was. Crocodile backs were visible nearly every part of the river and the width of the river seemed to stretch miles away to the other bank.

The king, eager to see some violent gory entertainment while knowing that no one will ever beat the challenge, said the winner can get a million pounds of gold. When no one looked motivated, the king confidently said he would surrender his throne to the winner.

When the king declared the start of the challenge, no one crossed the river. Everyone stared at the river and at each other, scared. Suddenly, a splash of water was heard. The king and the participants turned their heads to see a man running across the river at lightning speed, hopping off the backs of the crocodiles swiftly and treading across the water so fast it looked like he was walking.

The king headed to the other bank of the river to see the man on the ground, exhausted but alive. Unwilling to surrender his powers, the king said “I’ll give you two million pounds of gold.”

“I don’t want that.” the man replied, gasping for air.

“I can’t give you my throne, but you can be one of my closest ministers.” the king offered.

“I don’t want that.” the man replied.

“So you want my throne?” the king asked.

“I don’t want that.”

“Then what do you want?” the king asked, frustrated.

“I want to know who the hell pushed me!”

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