[Long] A stutterer gets on a bus…

…and asks the driver: O-onne t-t-t-ticket p-please. To which the driver responds: h-here y-y-y-you g-go. A-a-are y-you mess-mess-messing with me? -asks the stutterer. N-no, I-I-I’m a st-st-s-stutt-stuutt-stutterer myself. -answers the driver. Oh, ok-ok-okay, says the stutterer and sits near the front of the bus after that long conversation.

At the next stop, a guy enters and asks the bus driver: Can I have one ticket please? To which the driver responds: Yes, of course, here you go and have a seat. Thank you, says the guy and takes a seat in the back.

The stutterer saw and heard that and realised that the bus driver actually was messing with him. So he goes to the front of the bus and confronts the bus driver: H-hey! Y-y-you w-were m-m-mess-meee-messing with m-me! To which the bus driver responds: N-n-no, n-no, I w-w-was mess-messing w-wit-with h-him!

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