[long] A new neighbour

A man was cleaning his garden, when his new neighbour approaches him.


Man – Good morning sir.

Neighbour – Good morning. I’m your new neighbour, I just moved in.

Man – Well, nice to meet you! What do you do for a living?

Neighbour – I’m a logical assumptions teacher.

Man – Oh really? And what’s that?

Neighbour – I’ll give you an example of my work. I can see you have a dog house right there, right?

Man – Well yes, yes I do.

Neighbour – So if you have a dog house there, you probably have a dog, right?

Man – Well yes, yes I do.

Neighbour – So if you have a dog, you probably have kids, right?

Man – Well yes, yes I do.

Neighbour – And if you have kids, you must have a wife too, right?

Man – I sure do, a fine wife.

Neighbour – Well, then if you have a wife, you’re a straight man. See, this is logical assumption. Now I have to go, see you soon neighbour.

Man – Well that’s just amazing. Good to meet ya.


Another neighbour approaches, old friend of the man.


Friend – Good day neighbour, who was that guy you were talking with just now?

Man – Well, he’s our new neighbour. He’s a logical assumption teacher!

Friend – A logical assumption teacher? And what’s that?

Man – Well, let me give you an example. Do you have a dog?

Friend- No, I don’t.

Man – You don’t? AH! That means you’re gay!

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