Lobster Tails

A man was driving through town with his windows down when he heard a man at a small roadside stand yelling, “Lobster tails! Get your lobster tails here only two dollars!”

The man hit his brakes and pulled over. He walked up to the salesman thinking this must be too good to be true.

“Are you really only charging two dollars for lobster tails?”

“Yessir! Whaddya looking for, a long one or a short one? Both only two bucks.”

“How about the longest one you got!”

The man handed the salesman two 1 dollar bills. The salesman thanked him and instructed him to sit in a nearby chair as he knelt down under the counter. The man thought that was strange, but complied, happily awaiting his lobster tail.

After a minute, the salesman popped up from under the counter with a large book. He opened the book to the front page, cleared his throat, and began to read :

“Once upon a time, there was a lobster…”

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