Little Timmy was sitting on the front porch with his grandpa when he saw the man take a sip of whisky.

Little Timmy looked up at him and said “Hey, PopPop?”

The grandpa looked down at him and asked “What’s on your mind, boy?”

“May I please have a sip of that whisky”? He pleaded.

Thoughtfully, the aged man stroked his beard and asked “Well, can your dick touch your butthole”?

Unsure of his point, Timmy said “No?”

The grandpa laughingly chortled “Then you’ll have to wait when you’re older”!

Little Timmy was upset as he saw his grandpa light up a cigar. Little Timmy asked with a hopeful voice “Hey, PopPop? May I please have a suck on that cigar”?

Amused by his persistence, he repeated “Well, can your dick touch your butthole”?

Upset, Timmy just sighed as he looked at the floor. Smiling still, the old man said “you’re going to have to wait until you’re older, Tim”.

Little Timmy moped his way inside the house where his grandma saw him in such a dreary state. Thinking to herself that she knew exactly how to cheer him up, she started making his favorite chocolate chip cookies.

Waking up from his nap outside at the smell of cookies, the weary man stood up out of his rocking chair and followed the smell inside where he laid eyes upon his grandson eating cookies to his hearts content. Strolling over to the boy, he quietly mused “Gee, Timmy. Those are some awfully good smelling cookies. Mind if I have one”?

Pondering this for a couple of seconds, Little Timmy finally asked “Well… Can your dick touch your Butthole”?

Smiling, the grandpa slowly said “Why, yes it ca-“


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