Little Timmy saw his dad drive by…

It’s a sunny day, and little Timmy was outside playing by himself, when he saw his dad drive by with Aunt Karen in the passenger seat. They drive off into the woods nearby, and little Timmy runs after them to see what’s going on. Upon learning what it is dad and Aunt Karen is doing out in the woods by themselves, he runs home as fast as he can to tell mom about it.

Timmy bursts in the door and finds his mom in the kitchen, and he yells, “Mom! I just saw daddy and Aunt Karen drive off into the woods together!”

Timmy’s mom asks, “And then what happened, sweetie?”

“Well, Aunt Karen started kissing dad on the mouth. And then daddy helped Aunt Karen take her shirt off, and she helped him get out of his pants. And then…”

Timmy’s mom interrupts, “Hold on sweetie. Why don’t you save the rest of the story for when daddy gets home for dinner, I’d like to see his reaction to your story.”

So Timmy’s dad comes home for dinner, they’re all sitting around the table when the mom goes, “So Timmy, why don’t you tell us about what you saw today?”

“Well, I saw daddy and Aunt Karen in the woods. And Aunt Karen was kissing daddy. Then daddy took her shirt off, and Aunt Karen helped dad take his pants off. And then they kissed some more and did that thing that mommy and Uncle Gary always used to do when daddy was out of town for work.”

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