Little Timmy and lateral thinking…

In class the teacher asks Timmy “There are five birds perched on a branch. The hunter shoots one. How many are left?”

Timmy: “None madam.”

Teacher: “No. Listen. Five birds on a branch, the hunter shoots one…How many are left?”

Timmy: “None madam. The others got scared and flew away.”

Teacher: “It’s not the correct answer but I like how you think.”

The next day Timmy walks to his teacher and asks:

Timmy: “There are three women sitting on a bench, each eating an ice cream cone. One is licking it, one is biting it and one is sucking it. Which one is married?”

The teacher is a little uncomfortable so does not answer right away but pretends to hesitate and says: “The one who…sucks it?”

Timmy: “No. It’s the one wearing a wedding band but I like how you think.” 😉

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