Little Eddy has really upset the girls at school

After months of enduring his foul language and sexual innuendoes in class, the girls one day get together before class and decide, if today, Eddy says anything even remotely sexual or offensive, we will all get up at the same time and walk out in protest.

Class starts and the teacher says: “OK kids, today’s subject will be buildings and construction. Who can tell me how buildings are made?”

The class remains quiet, then little Eddy raises his hand and says “Madam, I know”.

The teacher says, “OK Eddy, please explain.”

Eddy: “Well, first before anything you need a permit from the city for the construction project to begin, that could take months. Once you get the permit, then come the bulldozers to basically dig into the earth to create the foundation. Then, cement is poured into the foundation and pylons are inserted. Around the pylons, the outer structure of the building is made, floors, walls, ceilings.Then comes wiring and plumbing. Next drywall can be installed along with flooring and fixtures. When all is said and done, you still have to get an occupancy permit from the city before you can actually use the building.

The class remains quiet.

The teacher says: WOW Eddy! Bravo, that was amazing, how did you learn all that?

Eddy: For the past many months, just a few doors down from our house, they have been building what I think is a huge whore house, I’ve watched the whole thing from start to finish.

At that moment, all the girls suddenly get up and start to walk out.

Eddy looks around and says:

Woah woah woah, girls sit down, they are not hiring yet, still waiting for final permit.

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