License and registration

A couple gets pulled over on their way home. The police officer asks for license and registration. The husband apologizes “I’m sorry officer, I can’t seem to find my wallet…”

His wife immediately speaks up “Who are you kidding, your license expired 2 weeks ago. I told you you have to renew it” The husband looks angrily at his wife: “Shut up, I don’t remember asking you a goddam thing”.

The officer is a little baffled but continues. “Actually I pulled you over for speeding”.

“I was going 50” said the husband. “you were going 80” said the wife “I told you you are driving too fast”

The husband looks at his wife in disdain. “I thought I told you to shut up”.

Again, the officer is uneasy, but also asks about the broken tail light he noticed.

“What broken tail light?!” asks the husband innocently. “the one I told you to about last month, but you were too cheap to spend $100 to fix it…” retorts his wife.

“you fucking cunt, will you ever shut up??” asks the husband in anger.

At this point, the officer couldn’t hold it any more “Sir, is this how you always speak to your wife??”

Before the man can answer, his wife quickly responds – “Only when he’s drunk…”

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