Late one night, an alien spacecraft landed near a deserted gas station.

After a bit, one of the aliens came down the ramp, looked around, and walked over to one of the gas pumps, where he demanded, “Earthling! Take me to your leader!”

The gas pump, of course, did not reply. The alien became agitated and again demanded, “Take me to your leader!” The gas pump remained silent.

Frustrated, the alien went back to the spacecraft where he was confronted by the captain who wanted a report.

“I contacted an earthling – but he would not cooperate.”

“Hmmm. I will deal with this earthling myself,” said the captain.

“Yes sir. Be careful sir, I have a feeling there could be trouble.”

The captain left the ship and approached the gas pump. “Earthling, you will cooperate. Take me to your leader.”

The gas pump remained unresponsive.

“Very well.” The captain drew his blaster. “If you do not respond by the count of three, I shall be forced to fire on you……One. Two. Three!” ZZZZZT!

WHAM! The gas pump exploded, knocking the alien ass over tea kettle. The captain jumped up and got back to the ship as fast as his whatever’s would propel him.

“Quickly! Make ready to depart!” shouted the captain.

“Yes sir. What happened sir?”

“I fired on the earthling and it responded very forcefully,” replied the captain.

“Sorry sir, I was afraid that might happen.”

“How did you know that there would be trouble?” the captain asked.

“Well sir, I assumed that anyone who can take his dick, wrap it around himself three times and stick it in his ear was probably going to be one mean bastard.”

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