Lady in red changes a mans life…(Long)(NSFW)

A man is walking down the street, unsure of what to do with his life. He had just lost his job because of poor performance. His performance had been declining because his wife was leaving him and taking the kids. He basically was at rock bottom.

While walking through the city, he finally figured out what he was going to do. He was going to kill himself.

He decided to get incredibly drunk and party a little before ending his life. Wondering around a popular down town area, he noticed a pretty fancy looking bar that seemed extremely inviting.

As he walked up to the bar, he passed a beautiful red 2015 Bentley Continental. He had only heard about this cars online, since they where way out of his price range.

As he stepped up to the door and showed his ID to the bouncer, he was let into the bar. He walked up to the bar which had a few open spaces, and after getting the attention of a bartender, he placed his order.

After a hour of drinking, eventually the bartender noticed the man was having a ruff time. She started talking to him and he unloaded on her about what was going on in his life.

While the where talking, a lady wearing the most amazing form fitting red dress came down from stairs he had not noticed. Everybody in the bar seemed to stop and take a look as she sauntered over and took a empty set at the edge of the bar.

After ooglying the lady in red for a moment the bartender got said with a smirk, “I know exactly what will cheer you up. Go talk to her. She can work magic unlike any other woman on this earth. Trust me, because of her I am here today.”

At that, the man thought to himself… well, what do I have to lose? I am going to just end my life later anyways…

Building up some courage, finally the man left his place and walked over to take a seat next to the lady in red. As he sad down next to her, she smiled and beamed at him in a way he had never been looked at before by his wife.

“Ummm… H-hello ma’am”, he managed to blurt out.

“Hello there sexy. Seems like you are troubled. Would you like me to relief some stress?” she replied with a wink and a very enticing and intimate look.

“Ummm, well, uhh…. What exactly do you have in mind?” he replied.

She leaned over and whispered in his ear, “For 10,000 dollars I will give you the best hand job you have ever received.”

“WHAT!” the man exclaimed. “You are a hooker? What the hell! I am not paying 10k for a fucking hand job.”

“Did you see that red 2015 Bentley Continental outside? I bought that with the money I have made on just my hand jobs.”

At this point the man was pretty drunk. He decided to go for it because, what the hell? He was going to kill himself later. It was pretty early in the day, so the banks would still be open at this point. He explained he would go grab the cash, and the lady in red offered to drive, so they hopped into her car and headed to the bank to grab cash.

After getting the 10k for his HJ, they parked back at the bar. The lady in red turned to the man and said, “Well, what are you waiting for? Whip it out!” she exclaimed, obviously excited about what was about to happen…

Within 3 mins, she had finished the job.

The man just chilled in the car seat, amazed at how awesome the HJ was. It was the best thing he had ever recieved in his life. Better than any sex he had ever had. With a new found look at life the man returned home after saying his goodbyes, and went to sleep. When he awoke the next day, he started pursing all the things he had wanted to do, but just never did….

1 year later, the man had really turned his life around. He had finalized his divorce and started a new company of his own that became a multi-million dollar company within a year. He was pondering about the lady in red one night, and decided to pay her a visit again.

He arrived at the bar and took a set close to the stairwell the lady in red had came down. Not long after he arrived, the lady came down and sat next to him, and imminently remembered him. After chatting for a bit and having a drink or two, the man the went ahead and asked….

“Soo… uhh… I was just wondering, if there might be anything else you do?” he asked.

“Well, I could give you a blow job if you like.” she replied.

“Hmm. Well, okay. If your BJ’s are as good as your HJ’s, then I am extremely excited for this.” he said eagerly thinking about what was about to happen.

She leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Okay, well that will be 100,000 dollars.”

The man sat shocked, and exclaimed “WHAT. 100k is WAY to much! I won’t pay it no matter how awesome you are.” he said.

“Well, see this bar you are in? I bought it myself with the money I make from BJ’s alone.” she said.

Mulling over the thought for a moment, the man decided that he would pay her the money since he had pleanty of it now thanks to his successful business. He left the bar and headed to the bank to withdraw the funds.

Arriving back at the bar he went over and handed the lady in red the 100k. She smiled, and grabbed him by the hand and took him upstairs to her private office.

They quickly got to business and the man did not last long at all. It was the most amazing experience he had ever had in his life. It was infinity better than the HJ he had received. He chatted for a bit and then left to head home.

A year later, his company goes global. The man is making billions of dollars at this point. He decides one day that he is going to go back and have sex with the lady in red. He heads to the bank and withdraws a million dollars, thinking that that had to be the price to have sex with her.

Arriving at the bar, he went strait up to her office and knocked on her door. She called out for him to enter, and when he did she was extremely happy to see him.

“Oh, welcome back! I have been watching you all over the news! It’s great to see you doing so well!” she exclaimed.

“Thank you. I owe it all to you. I also came on business, so to speak. I have 1 million dollars cash that I have brought with me so I can have sex with you. You are the most amazing women in the world, and I want to fuck our pretty little pussy.”

At that, the woman grabbed his hand and escorted him to her balcony over looking the city.

She gestured at the city showing him the whole area.

” I would love to let you fuck me in the pussy. See this whole city?”

The many nodded eagerly. He knew this would be the most amazing thing ever.

“If I had a pussy, I would own this whole city.”

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