Just an inch !

An American, an Afghan and an Frenchman sitting outside a bar keep arguing about how their country is more advanced. A heated debate between the American and Frenchman continues whilst the Afghan can’t seem to beat either of them and seems visibly frustrated. ” Our military is so advanced that our jets touch the sky when they fly” boasted the American. “REALLY, the SKY? “, snapped the Frenchman. ” Well maybe an inch below” the American conceded. Not to be outdone, the Frenchman says “our submarines are so advanced that they can dive to the deepest depth of the ocean and move along the floor”. “I doubt that” says that American dismissively. “Well maybe an inch above ” the Frenchman concedes. The Afghan suddenly exclaims, ” In my country we have revolutionized how we eat. All of us can simply eat through our nose” “Impossible” the American and Frenchman exclaim in disbelief. “Well maybe an inch below” concedes the gleeful Afghan.

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