Jimmy’s wife won’t orgasm

Jimmy’s wife has never had an orgasm in bed with him.

It begins to annoy him so he goes to the doctor and asks for help. The doctor has an odd suggestion – that sometimes women are too warm and this impedes the process. So all he has to do is buy a fan and put it in the room, and it’ll solve the problem.

At the hardware store Jimmy looks at all the fans on offer but – he’s a little cheap and cantankerous – he thinks they’re all too expensive and this is some kinda ‘Big-fan racket’ that he’ll outsmart.

He drives back and calls into his neighbor Murphy, explaining the scenario. He brings Murphy into the bedroom with his wife and hands him a tea towel, telling him to stand in the corner and flap the tea towel so that his wife will remain cool. Murphy is confused but goes along with it.

Jimmy gets into bed and gets started while Murphy flaps away in the corner. An hour goes by – nothing, and Murphy’s hands are getting tired. Finally Murphy suggests they swap places, to see if that helps. Jimmy and his wife agree, so Murphy gets into the bed and Jimmy flaps the towel. Within five minutes Jimmy’s wife is screaming in pleasure with the most intense orgasms she has ever had, and within ten minutes they’re both flopped on the bed, exhausted.

Jimmy walks up to Murphy. “You see that?” he says triumphantly “That’s how you flap a tea towel!”

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