Jim has just been released from prison

Jim has just been released from prison after doing ten years for mugging old ladies. He makes his way into town, horny as hell from ten years without sex, but he only has five dollars on him. He goes into a brothel and tells the madame his situation. “Five dollars? “says the madame, “well that won’t get you a woman but you can get head from a chicken for that.” Jim doesn’t know what to think of that when one of the other clients pipes up. “Give it a shot bud! Best head you’ll ever get!”

Jim pays the five dollars and the madame takes him to an empty room with a stool in the middle and tells him to take down his pants. The chicken comes in and gives Jim the best blow job he’s ever had.

Jim leaves, goes outside and mugs the first old lady he sees. He comes running back into the brothel waving a five dollar bill.

“Madame I need to see the chicken again!”

“I’m sorry,” says the madame, “the chicken has gone home for the night, but for five dollars I can let you watch the peepshow.”

Jim pays the five dollars and is led into a room with a bunch of men sitting looking through holes in the wall. Jim looks through the holes and sees a guy fucking a dog.

“Jesus! That’s disgusting!” yells Jim.

Then one of the other men yells back: “You think that’s disgusting bud, you shoulda seen the guy getting head from a chicken!”

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