Jesus walks up to an Arabic man and asks…

An Arabic man is walking his animals when out of nowhere Jesus appears.

Jesus walks up to the Arabic man and asks

“Hi good man, could I speak to your dog?”

The man replies

“Jesus, my dog can’t speak”

Jesus ignores the comment and adresses the dog

“Dog, how are you doing, are you treated fair?”

The dog replies

“My lord, I am very happy. My owner feeds my well, walks me 3 times a day, and plays with me all the time”

The Arabic man stands there in astonishment

Jesus asks

“My good man, could I now speak to your horse?”

The man replies

“Jesus, my horse can not speak”

Jesus still addresses the horse

“Great beast, how are you, are you treated well?

The horse replies

“My lord, I am a might happy horse. I am walked and trained many times a day, fed very well, my hair is always combed, and all is good.”

At this point the man is at loss for words

Then Jesus asks

“My man, may I speak to your goat?”

The man yells out


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