Jesus is getting crucified on Mount Zion

A crowd has gathered to witness the event, including John, Jesus’ last living and favourite apostle.

The cross once erected, with Jesus firmly nailed to it, he sees his friend John among the onlookers. Mustering his last strengh, he calls for him with a desperate rattle.

“Joooooohn….” he calls.

John, seeing his friend and mentor calling for him, rushes towards the hilltop where Jesus is crucified. But, the cross is surrounded by a squad of Roman Legionnaires.

“Jooooooohn……” Jesus calls again.

John, rushes torwards the cross again but the Romans cut down one of his legs. John falls to the ground.

“Jooooooohn…..” Jesus whispers.

John starts crawling torwards the cross but the Romans chop his second leg off .

“Jooooohn….” Jesus mumbles as the flame of life leaves his body.

John, now legless, shuffles awkwardly torwards the cross once more, receiving stabs from the Roman soldiers’ lances.


The Romans let the poor John continue his crawl torwards Jesus, laughing at this man’s foolishness.

At Jesus’s feet, John who is bleeding profusely, looks up to his friend and asks: “Jesus, my cherished friend, I am here ! Tell me! Tell me your last words !”

Jesus then replies: “Joooooohn…..I can see your house from here”.

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