Jesus had long hair

A teenager was entering his senior year of high school. His father, a Baptist preacher, made a deal with him.

“Son, if you get straight A’s for the entire year, AND if you cut off that long hippy hair, I will buy you the car of your choice when you graduate.”

The son accepted the challenge and worked very hard all year. He got the best grades of his life and graduated top of his class.

“Well, Dad. I held up my end of the bargain. Top of my class. I’ll take a Ford Mustang, red.”

The dad smiled and said “Well done, son. Your grades are impressive. Now all you need to do is cut your hair and the car is yours.”

“But dad,” the son protested “what’s wrong with my hair being long? You’re a preacher… JESUS had long hair.”

“Yep,” said the dad “and he walked every god damn place he went too.”

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