James visits his friend Henry’s house

James visits his friend Henry’s house, where Henry’s girlfriend Rita answers the door wearing a towel.James almost instantly says, “I will give you 200 bucks if you show me one of your boobs.”

“Okay, But no touching!” she says showing him her left boob.

“I will give you another 200 bucks if you show me your right one.” says James.Seeing no harm here she shows him his right boob, too.

James looks at both of them with his heart’s content and then leaves after paying Rita.

Rita earning a quick buck is quite happy and goes inside to tell her boyfriend about it, Her boyfriend, Henry

who just got out of the shower asks her if someone was at the door, Rita says, “Yes, it was your friend James.”

“Oh, cool.” says Henry, “Did he pay that 400 bucks he owes me?”

PS:- I always wanted to share this joke here, but since English is not my first language I waited a bit thinking I’d post this once I can learn how to present this better, but unfortunately this is the best I could do. Do let me know If I made a mistake somewhere.

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