Jack and Jill have been married for 15 years.

And every morning Jack wakes up, has a stretch and forces out the biggest fart you’ve ever heard. Every morning his wife Jill would tell him he is disgusting and tell him that one day he’s gonna push so hard his guts will fall out to which he would reply better out than in my love.

After years of this, Jill had had enough so she thought she would teach Jack a lesson. Jill called into the butcher’s in town one day and asked for a bag of the nasty bits that normally end up in the bin and the butcher obliged.

That night, once Jack was asleep, Jill grabbed the bag of nasty bits and placed them between Jack’s legs and went to sleep. She awoke earlier than Jack the next morning and went downstairs to await the drama that unfolded.

Not ten minutes later she heard the usual massive fart of her husband awaking followed by a scream! Jack came running down the stairs as white as a sheet and told his wife of the horror that just unfolded.

Jill, taking full advantage of the situation, told Jack “I told you that one day you would push your insides out by pushing too hard” and jack replied rather sheepishly, “I know, but it’s ok, l managed to push most of them back in!”

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