It’s January 2nd and the First Officer on a cruiser is looking at the Captain’s Log from the previous day.

He sees “January 1st: First Officer Simpkins arrived on the bridge drunk today” and he says to the captain, “Sir, I feel this log entry is a little unfair. True, I did see the New Year in with an extra tot, but nothing out of the ordinary for the occasion, and I was well capable of carrying out my duties. A log entry like this could hurt my chances of career advancement”.

And the captain says, “First Officer, the log entry is factually correct. If the facts aren’t as you’d like them, they should have been different facts, and the consequences are on your own head.”

The First Officer falls silent and carries on with his duties. At the end of his watch he is relieved by the Captain, and before leaving the bridge he makes the following entry: “January 2nd: Captain Frobisher arrived on the bridge sober today.”

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