It was Donald Trump’s first day in office, and he had no clue what to do…

He decided to call upon the ghosts of previous great presidents to ask for their advice.

“What do I have to do to become a great president?” Trump asked the ghost of George Washington.

“You must never tell a lie,” Washington responded.

Trump scoffed. “No way! do you really expect me to do that? You’re useless Washington.”

The ghost vanished, only to be replaced by the spirit of Thomas Jefferson. “What must I do to become a great president?” Trump asked again.

Jefferson replied, “You must always put the people’s interest ahead of your own.”

“Are you kidding? Let’s be reasonable here,” Trump exclaimed.

Jefferson disappeared, and the ghost of Abraham Lincoln took his place.

“Alright,” Trump said. “Do you have any good advice for me?”

Lincoln thought for a moment and replied, “This should be an easy one. Why don’t you go watch a play.”

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