Interactive joke

There was a man who lived in a 3 story house. Remember: 3 stories.

The man entered the house and saw his wife making an omelette. He told her “You’re supposed to use butter, not oil.” Immediately the wife slapped him and said “Who’s cooking? Me or or you?”

The man went up to the second story and saw his son playing a video game. He told him “You’re doing it wrong, you’re supposed to-” but the son slapped him, saying “Who’s playing? Me or you?”

Then he went to the third story and saw his daughter doing homework, and told her “this is the wrong answer” and the daughter slapped him, saying “Who’s doing homework? Me or you?”

Finally, the man went up to the fourth story. (At this point, hopefully your listener would say “but you said there were only 3 stories!” at which poing you slap him/her and say “Who’s telling the joke? Me or you?”)

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