I was a big metal fan back in high school.

Back in high school I was a big metal fan.

At the beginning of the summer holidays I was at this awesome house party.

It was just high school kids in the house so we were able to turn the volume way up and had a pretty awesome playlist: Metallica, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden … and probably quite a few more.

As the night went on people are getting drunker and drunker and a few even disappear upstairs to hook up.

I was standing in the corner by myself not really interacting with anyone else.

I had spent the whole winter sitting in a damp basement in front of a computer and was probably a bit rusty.

The party’s heating up and this blonde girl notices me standing there and walks over to me.

She had already taken her jacket off and was just wearing a tank top. This girl looked super hot.

She smiles and runs her hand over me. My pole was seriously hard.

Then she kneels down in front of me and as you can imagine I was already turned on at this point.

She’s pushing all my buttons and my head is spinning. It’s not long before I blow all over her face and chest.

Her boyfriend is right in the next room, she hadn’t closed the door and he just saw the whole thing.

He walks up to us, looking really hot under the collar.

He gets right up in my face and she backs away, but she accidentally trips over my extension chord because I was a … big … metal … fan.

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