I think this one was here but saw it a few years ago so i decided to post it.

Little Jimmy was once playing with his dinosaur toys on the backyard, when his older brother Tony walked towards him with a brand new baseball bat, ball and glove.

Jimmy noticed it and gasped “Tony, how did you get all those cool toys?!”

“Simple” Tony chuckled “Just go to an adult, and tell them ‘I know everything’, and they instantly offer you money to zip it”

Jimmy’s eyes widened upon hearing that, then ran inside the house, approaching his father, who was on the living room, on his couch reading the newspaper.


“Yes, champ?” Jimmy’s father lowered the newspaper to look at him.

“I know everything” Jimmy uttered his older sibling’s exact words.

Jimmy’s father then got nervous as he instantly dropped his newspaper, then started to sweat “O-Oh really? Well then J-Jimmy, how about 10 bucks so you d-don’t tell mom, alright?” he kept on sweating as he offered Jimmy an Alexander Hamilton.

“Amazing!” Jimmy gasped as he accepted the note, then ran towards the kitchen, to his mother, who was doing the dishes “Mom?”

Jimmy’s mother then turned to look at his son “Yes sweetie?”

“I know everything”

Jimmy’s mother suddenly gasped as she let go of the plate she was rinsing, breaking in pieces upon reaching the ground “O-Oh my, son!” she uttered “H-how about 100 dollars so you don’t tell your father?” she grinned nervously as she offered Jimmy a Benjamin Franklin.

“Whoa!” Jimmy, as before, accepted the C-note.

Following this, Jimmy ran out of the house through the front door, and spotted the mailman ‘The maiilman! Hmm…’ he thought deviously ‘Maybe this would work on him too!’ then dashed towards thge mailman “Excuse me, sir…”

The mailman, who was putting some letters and packages inside the mailbox, turned to Jimmy “Yeah?”

“I know everything”

The mailman suddenly dropped all the letters he intended to put on the mailbox, and, with tears on his eyes, fell to his knees a few steps away from Jimmy, then hugged him “Son!”

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