I man walks into a bar with a fish.

He then walks to the bar and starts talking to the barman. The man claims that his fish can play the most amazing piano pieces, and could make everyone who listened cry. The barman didn’t believe him, so the man asks for a wager. If the fish could play the piano, he would get a free drink. The barman agreed, and the man went over to the piano. He took the fish out, which promptly played the most amazing music. Everyone in the bar went silent, and when the fish had finished most of them were in tears. The man went over to the barman which was amazed! He gave him his free drink, and when he had finished, the man says to the barman that he also has a frog which can sing magnificent songs. He again wagers the barman that if his frog can sing, he can have free drink. He then takes a frog out of his pocket, puts it on a stool, and the frog starts to sing. The song is marvellous, and everyone in the bar again stops and listens to the song. And again, the man walks over to the barman for his drink. But before he can reach the bar, a man approaches him offering to buy the frog for £500. The barman shouts out in horror that he could make millions from the frog, and its worth at least a thousand times that. The man ignores him and sells the frog. He walks over to the bar with his money and starts to drink his drink. The barman-in shock-asks him why he sold the frog for such little money! The man replied “The fish is a ventriloquist”.

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