I haven’t seen this one here before

Late one Friday night, John visits the brothel. As he walks in, he is greeted by all the usual faces.

“Hey John, back again?”

“Johnny boy. Must be payday.”

So on and so forth.

Then the Madame of the house spots him and hurries over.

“Mr. John. How lovely to see you today. Would you like your usual lady?”

“I don’t believe I will. I want to spice it up tonight. Line them up for me, please.”

So the Madame lines the ladies up. John walks down the line and back up again. He spots a stunning blonde with a fresh new face.

“I haven’t seen this one here before,”

“That is correct. She is our newest member. She’s not very experienced. I think we can give you a discount.”

“I’ll take her.”

So John follows the girl back to her room. He gives her the run down of his usual services. Which starts with him pleasuring her. The young lady is hesitant of the request but allows it anyways.

John starts in strong. Soon, he finds a piece of corn. Thinking that her inexperience is showing, and not wanting to embarrass her, he spits it to the side and continues. Not long after he finds half a sliced carrot. Still, he bites his tongue and presses on. Right as she is about to climax, he finds a chunk of stewed beef. Fed up, he blurts out,

“Miss, are you sick or something?!?!”

She hides her face and says,

“No sir, but the last guy was.”

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