I had been at marines for 4 years.

I had been at marines for 4 years.

And I went back to study.

In the second year I got the chance to go for a exchange in France.

My mother is French so I speak the language.

It is expensive in Paris so I look for a job to get some extra money.

After a week I got hired at Subway.

One night one of my ex-squadmates walks is.

We recognized eachother and start talking.

I tell him my story.

He starts talking in a retarded fake French accent.

I am ze french, I eet ze baguette.

Annoyed, what bread do you want?

I eet ze one thirthee centimeeter with ze bread zat iz yellow.

That’s the flat bread.

Oui le flat bread.

Do you want veggies?

I eet ze little black circles.

You mean olives?

Oui olives in ze yellow sub, marine.

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