I found some dusty old boxes in my closet and in them were old family relics. My great-great grandfather’s World War One helmet was the first thing I saw…

There was also my grandmother’s surgical gear when she was a nurse in the local hospital and countless heirlooms I can’t possibly list all of which.

Then, I got to the one that sparked the most memories: My grandfather’s most prized collection!!

Every day since January 1st, 1949, he collected ties with funny designs and wore them to work.

Some had cats or snakes or airplanes.

He had close to 100 by the time he died several years ago.

I remember as a kid how much I loved them, he had stories of what happened to him while he wore those ties.

He had an awesome memory and was good at telling stories.

When he passed, he left them to me.

I couldn’t keep all 100 so I gave some to my cousins, but I decided to keep the ties that were his absolute favorites, his chicken pattern ties.

The day he wore his first chicken tie was when he met my grandmother.

From then, he collected more chicken ties to remind him of her.

I wear them every now and again, as well.

Thanks for reading this.

I like to talk about them, but all my friends act weird when I tell them about my granddad’s hen tie collection.

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